Orgatec 2012-Commercial office furniture exhibition

Last month we made our bi-annual trip to Orgatec. As the largest exhibition of it’s kind in Europe, it really is a must on the calendar for anyone with an interest in office furniture. We find that there really is no better way of keeping track of new developments in contemporary office furniture. Here are some of the highlights of this years show:


X-Code From Dauphin
With X-Code, each person can select
the features they want according to
their needs. They can opt for classic
upholstery or an innovative mesh fabric,
trendy colours or timeless shades and
not least a chic backrest shell in either
black or white.As always, it is the details – in this case
the styling of the “Wovenit” backrest in
particular – that make this chair so special. It is not only as light as a feather,
chic and multidimensional but can also
be manufactured in a single step with
no waste. Compared to conventional
procedures, this saves around 30 percent of the material during production
Viswing & Sweet Spot From Sedus

Sedus viswing represents a new room divider for creating
rooms within rooms, dividing off areas and providing
visual and acoustic privacy for individual zones or
workplaces. The real genius is the expressive design,
which can be employed either vertically or horizontally.
SweetspotSedus sweetspot promotes creative processes. After all,
the best ideas often come when people are relaxed,
can let their thoughts wander and can exchange their
thoughts with others in a stimulating atmosphere.
The comfortable, attractive lounge furniture can be
deployed in a versatile range of corporate settings.
Cocone From Zuco
With Cocone from Züco, privacy becomes a
new option during day-to-day work. Anyone who
works in an office and needs somewhere to
think or hold intensive discussions from time
to time can now benefit from a valuable source
of new inspiration. As an island for communication and a structuring component in one,
Cocone is a welcome feature in the busy
world of open-plan offices. On the inside, the
fluffy soft cushions convey a sense of security,
while a distinctive cube on the outside acts
as a protective barrier to the outside world.