Introducing Poltrona Frau-Cassina-Cappelini-Alias

We have begun 2013 with the addition of a very interesting and prestigious supplier to our portfolio. As a trade supplier of Poltrona Frau products in Ireland, we are looking forward to providing some striking designer statement pieces that will become a steadfast feature of any corporate interior that sets out to impress.

Poltrona Frau Group-Cassina-Cappelini-Alias

Since 1912 the Poltrona Frau brand has been known for excellence in the production of designer furniture. In more recent years they have added Alias, Cappelini and Cassina to the group. Cassina is widely recognised for manufacturing the very well acclaimed Corbusier LC group, including the Corbusier Chaise Lonuge and the LC1 armchair.


Cloth in leather

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358 Cannaregio Gaetano Pesce 6



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Stitch Chair_1