New Products at Clerkenwell Design Week

Each year make a big effort to visit as many design and product shows and fairs to keep up to date with new products and innovative design ideas. Clerkenwell Design Week proves itself year after year to be a treasure trove of new ideas that soon become trends. Clerkenwell is a fair like no other. Located in central London, Clerkenwell is home to over 50 showrooms of well known commercial design brands such as Haworth, Sedus, Interface, Dauphin, Milliken and Poltrona Frau to name but a few. We would like to share with you, some of the inspiring ideas we saw at this years show:




The Haworth Calmspace:

It is re-assuring to see how many office design solutions of late have been inspired by the well being of the user. The Calmspace booth is surely the Rolls Royce of luxury office furniture. If you find your concentration levels are suffering because you stress levels are making it difficult to sleep, just step inside this inviting pod, lie down, let the calming music and lighting lull you into a peaceful nap for an optimum 10 minutes after which the music levels will rise and the light will brighten to wake you up feeling refreshed and ready for action. We want one of these!



Imaginative Seating Solutions

Try being bored at a meeting held on a swing set! These funky seating solutions by Duffy London really caught our eye. The four posts of this playful freestanding boardroom set, defines itself within a space and will maintain it’s design integrity as the seats cannot be moved as they would with a conventional table and chairs. The wheelbarrow seat looks like too too!

photo (5)



Foscarini Lighting Installation

Italian lighting design company, Foscarini made their Clerkenwell Design Week debut with a purpose designed lighting installation set against the brickwork backdrop of the Farmiloe building. The stunning sight captured the attention of everyone and was surely one of the most photographed displays at the event.