Synopsys- Office Furniture Installation


The vibrant offices at Synopsys, Blanchardstown have taken a very contemporary and dynamic approach to workplace design. The use of height adjustable workstations allows the user to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. We have seen growing interest in “Sit-Stand” desks over the last year or so as users are becoming aware of studies showing the ergonomic benefit of alternating between sitting and standing.

Winroy was subcontracted by Quadro Office, a German furniture supplier based in Frankfurt, to install the furniture for the Synopsys fitout.

Winroy Function

  • Furniture installation.

Synopsys- Office-Colour Scheme

_DSC1605 Kopie

_DSC1687 Kopie

_DSC1701 Kopie

_DSC1713 Kopie

_DSC1720 Kopie

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Double glazed partition-Office-Meeting Room

Office partition-office carpet-tiles

Synopsys- Office-Colour Scheme