Outdoor Furniture-2018

The Irish climate can afford us only a few months a year to make the most out of our outdoor furniture. Because the Irish climate can be so harsh, it is important to choose outdoor furniture that will stand up to heavy rain and frost without fading or indeed without breaking the bank! We have compiled a list of our Top 10 Outdoor chairs for 2018.

  1. Nolita is a metal chair with a retro look which comes in bright bold modern colours as well as more traditional, white and grey.



2.  Coccolona   is a full technopolymer  chair. It is available in an armchair and sofa version. A much more informal outdoor seating area can be created with this range range rather than with dining style seating

3. Intrigo  is a heavy solid chair with a minimal silhouette of twisting turning lines.



4. Ginerva  is our most cost effective technopolymer chair. The simple design of Ginerva makes for a very comfortable  stackable chair.