About us

A Brief History of Winroy

Since its early beginnings in 1987 under  Terry O’ Sullivan, Winroy has undergone a consistent and progressive evolution from a simple furniture assembly business to become one of the best established office furniture solutions companies in Ireland. Boasting the largest installations crew in the country and offering a broad range of services including furniture procurement, installations, move management and space planning.


Make things as simple as possible but not simpler – Albert Einstein

Over 30 years of experience has taught Winroy the importance of making office moves  and installations as painless as possible for the client. Time, sequence and good communication are the vital elements for successful completion of projects.

The same philosophy applies to furniture procurement and specification. We believe that function, good design and quality is at the root of all successful projects. To that end we take special care to offer our clients useful advice on how best to achieve this within their specific budget.

Core Values

Integral to the growth and development of Winroy over the last 30 years has been the lasting relationships that we have built with our clients. We believe that the strength of our business lies not only in the ability to win new contracts but in sustaining & developing the relationships we already have.

There is no job too small

The old cliché ; “there is no job too small” is never more apt than when used to describe the Winroy business model and we personify this daily whether in taking the time to answer a query from a domestic client or dispatching one of our trained installers to replace a castor on an operators chair for one of our corporate clients.

Although we hold a portfolio of some of the most prestigious brands of office furniture world wide, such as Haworth, Dauphin and Sedus, we at Winroy pride ourselves on being much more than a singularly focused furniture distributor. We believe that our wide range of related services and broad knowledge base is at the core of ensuring a close and beneficial working relationship between you, the client and ourselves.

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