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Brazo is by Pablo Pardo, Pablo Designs, designed and award-winning new table lamp from Haworth. Brazo has a recyclable aluminum body and also uses LED energy-saving lamps, which are 85% more efficient than traditional bulbs and have a life of up to 50,000 hours.

The slim and adjustable arm Brazo throws a linear light beam across the work surface. The LEDs are elegantly concealed by an aluminum body. More than just aesthetics: The glass screen provides superior clarity and the integrated heat sink prevents heat dissipation.

The lamp has an amazing user experience a rotatable by 360 ° swivel and a swivel angle of 90 ° to the vertical position, a height adjustment of 20 cm and a cable guide that prevents tying the cord.

Brazo is 97% recyclable and 18 high-power LED bulbs, which must be adjusted to the dimmer at the rear Leuchtarm. It is the first work light with focus – the user can select by simply turning the glass tube shim both the direction of the light as well as the desired light level.Brazo This is ideal for use at computer workstations