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Fern by Haworth

Fern is an ergonomic chair that works with it’s user.

Fern’s Wave Suspension™ system is the heart of the chair and the
key to its back comfort and flexibility.
Cradle : The Cradle overlays the Fronds and Stem, working in
concert with them for effortless support. The Cradle is supported
by the Stem-and-Fronds structure, not a hard outer frame. As
a result, Fern’s Infinity Edge™ is soft and pliable for an edgeless
comfort experience. Nothing interferes with movement to create
discomfort and distraction

Fronds : Each Frond is calibrated to support a different area of
the back, from the thoracic (upper back) to the lumbar to the
pelvic areas. Back support is as constant as a person’s movement.
Stem : Inspired by the masterful design of a Fern, the Stem is
a centered spine that supports a series of Fronds that extend
like leaves.