In Touch






InTouch follows the movements of its user with its three-piece seat shell andbackrest which is modelled on the shape of the body, and thus ensures
perfect harmony for the person sitting on it. With a sleek organic design, the
new elastic and flexible Dauphin seat system supports the entire posture and locomotor system at all times in direct contact with the body. InTouch: This is
design and ergonomics in perfect harmony ensuring optimum efficiency of movement with an economical posture.

The white edition exudes fresh elegance and brings every detail of the dynamic design to the fore. A classic through and through. As a design scheme, “blackedition” is classically beautiful – and never fails to excite. Concentrating on what is essential focuses attention on form and functions. The chair exudes presence, yet allows ample scope for creativity.

red dot design awards + if design awards For its design quality of the chair was the InTouch coveted design awards red dot design award and “iF Product Design Award”: The perfect synthesis of Ergonomics and design convinced the jury.

Design: Martin Ballendat