Buddy by Pedrali

Buddy by Pedrali

Soft lines and clean design feature the pouf and the tables of Buddy collection that thanks to a friendly and versatile character can complete the interiors of every environment.‎


The rounded shape of the pouf with a generous and comfortable upholstery is supported by four thin and rigorous legs.‎ These make the pouf extremely functional and visually lift the volume from the ground.‎ The coffee tables have the same frame of the pouf and match squared tops with rounded corners in line with the design of the family.‎


Buddy collection has been enriched with new elements that enhance its versatile, functional nature, featured by a contrast between the bold volumes of the seat and a slender, lightweight frame.‎ The line comprises a chair, a two seats bench and a chaise-longue with generous backrests, combined with softly upholstered poufs, creating a family of soft modular seatings, that reflect the friendly spirit of the collection.‎


The different sizes of the poufs and backrests, each available in two heights, allow multiple combinations matching the varied needs of contemporary and multipurpose spaces: from relaxation areas to airport lounges, and through to latest-generation co-working spaces.‎ A turning tablet can also be added to the configuration.‎


Materials: fireproof polyurethane foam upholstered in fabric or faux leather.‎ Steel frame, tubular steel leg Ø20mm.‎ Fenix, hpl or marble top.‎


Finishes: powder-coated steel and antique brass.‎



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