Intuity Bench Desking by Haworth

Intuity Bench Desking by Haworth

Designed to accommodate ever-changing workstyles, Intuity creates a dynamic workplace environment by providing a seemingly endless range of configuration possibilities.


The design for Intuity began with a global, cross-industry insights and research process. With these insights Haworth developed a universal system with the flexibility to change and adapt to the needs of different businesses in almost any market across the globe. Infinity symbolises a new approach to office furniture based on using integrated components to create unique workspaces that span the entire floorplate.


This modular system allows you to recycle and reuse components to create new solutions and to redefine the work environment as the business needs change. Intuity also includes a suite of accessories, giving the user the ability to tailor to individual tools and preferences.


Whilst remaining complimentary and coordinated with the Intuity system aesthetics,as a table product, Intuity Park Bench is shifting the ‘visual psychology’ and tuning into new ways of working and collaboration. Intuity Park Bench is a communal table-setting with visual cues of “informality and open space”.



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