On Spot by Sedus

On Spot by Sedus

The best ideas usually arise when people can come together and feel comfortable. Create the perfect atmosphere with this office chair – its inviting, homely design combines a relaxed lounge feel with a comfortable, ergonomic seat. It not only combines comfort and well-being, but it also lets you give things a more personal touch, thanks to its wide variety of designs.


It’s ideal for use in your home office, in project areas or meetings rooms in the office, or simply wherever you want to do productive work at a desk. The grey shell widens upwards at the front, creating an inviting and relaxed effect. The shell is a single ergonomically-shaped piece, and is made from up to 40% recycled materials. Its flowing, round bowl shape allows for a number of different arm positions.


The different thicknesses of its wall help support a more healthy and comfortable seated position, even over longer periods. The lordosis region is particularly well supported. The armrests are built directly into the shell at the height of the backrest. The seat is inclined by approximately 6°, which helps to create a more upright sitting position, between an active and a relaxed basic posture. This model consists of a swivelling office chair with a grey shell on a black plastic base, fitted with soft universal castor wheels, which are suitable for use on all floors


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