Openest by Haworth

Openest by Haworth

Openest retreat workspaces bridge the unexpected and familiar—bringing a distinctly new perspective to the work landscape. The Conference Booth provides flexibility for small conference rooms in the office.


The visual and tactile softness of the Feather sofa communicates approachable comfort, inviting people to relax and refresh. Feather can stand alone or complement other furnishings.


  • Creates practical, versatile spaces that draw people together in casual, approachable settings
  • Symmetrical or asymmetrical design
  • Personalize with a range of colours to enhance any environment
  • Attached, pivoting or height-adjustable tables
  • Hideaway power module
  • Available in a variety of coloured fabrics and leather, with specifiable stitching

Designed by Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola, designer and architect, was born in Oviedo, Spain. She now lives and works in Milan where she runs Studio Urquiola. Her work is widely known to be playful and poetic, yet pragmatic and functional, a creative combination that is the magic behind her work. She comes and goes through conventional time– rethinking, reinventing, and creating new. The effect is a powerful reminder of the past and exploration into the now, always creating a new experience for the user.


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