Se Do by Sedus

Se Do by Sedus

People are different. People come in all shapes and sizes with diverse preferences. Modern forms of work such as smart working or non-territorial space concepts, where various individuals share one workstation, are driving demand for more flexible office furniture.



Even in its basic version se:do is fully equipped; thanks to its modular principle it can also be quickly and easily configured to become a customised swivel chair. This module includes all the technology, currently demanded in tenders. Independent back and seat movement with spring-assisted rapid adjustment, seat depth and angle adjustment, arm rests adjustable in 2 or 3 dimensions, depth-adjustable lumbar support, head-rest with adjustable angles and a chair back adjustable in height. All these option are available with a choice of five colours, in a hard-wearing membrane covering, which also regulates moisture or with a wide range of breathable upholstery fabrics or the finest aniline leather.



Sedus se:do is a chair which is child’s play to adjust quickly and easily with intuitive operating components; it is therefore ideally suited for frequent changes of occupant. With its generously dimensioned back, which is adjustable in height, its outstanding “anti- perspiration properties” and suitability for weights up to 130 kg, the new swivel chair is highly recommended as the reliable partner who will quickly win many new friends among the team.



The se:do swivel chair ticks all the boxes. Thanks to its ergonomic versatility, it can be adapted to new users quickly and easily and is ideal for multi-user workstations and open spaces. Add to that a high level of comfort and a distinct design makes se:do a highly regarded team member in every respect.



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