Furniture Procurement

      Furniture Procurement

Sourcing / specifying

Over the last 25 years we have learned that the functions of offices differ greatly and that this must be reflected in the furniture specified for any given project.

We have acquired a diverse and interesting portfolio of products over the years. However, our sales team is consistently learning that every project is unique and needs to be treated as such.


Just as we appreciate the diversity of projects, we also understand that undertaking an office refurbishment can be a daunting and costly task for the client. The Winroy sales team is experience and knowledgeable in all aspects of office installations as well as possessing product knowledge that cannot be surpassed.

We believe that the information is key to enable our clients to make the correct decisions. Our sales team will be more than happy to answer any queries that will help you make an informed decision.


Budget can often have an influence on the outcome of a project. However, the central motivation of our sales team is to propose solutions that will make the most out of any budget.