Move Management

      Move Management

Successful office moves require planning & communication

Office moves, whether internal moves or relocations are a troublesome but unavoidable feature of modern office culture and we believe that planning, communication and care are vital factors in a successful move.


  • A tailor made strategy will be developed for each move
  • A move manager will be appointed at the onset of the move and and will follow it through to completion
  • A move pack will be provided to give you an overview of the process
  • Pre-printed labels & labelling systems
  • Crew, transport, equipment crates & safes will be provided


  • Security sealed packing crates provided
  • Building protection to walkways, routes and staging areas
  • Full box traceability & bar code tracking system in  place
  • Handling of IT & telephone equipment & specialist equipment

Security & Asset Management

  • Box tracking system in place
  • Bar code scanning
  • Warehouse storage

Winroy has managed some of the largest moves throughout Ireland over the last 25 years. Here are a few examples:

2000 employees

1200 employees

800 employees

20-25 employees per week

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