Space Planning and Design

      Space Planning & Design

A well thought out space is essential, initially for providing a visual prescription of how the space should be laid out for optimum usage and subsequently for the comfort and well-being of those working in the environment.

We at Winroy believe that communication between the client and our design team is the most important factor in creating a successful design.

Winroy provides:

  • Site surveys
  • Evaluation of current layout
  • One to one consultancy
  • Presentations & sample boards
  • Spaceplanning



Design elements must be considered from the very conception of any project. Our goal is to use our spaceplanning experience together with our knowledge of ergonomic data to arrive at the best possible solution to ensure a comfortable and safe working environment.

We use the most recent design programmes: AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max as well as digital product libraries unique to each of our suppliers.

3D Render
Space Planning and Design