Storage & Asset Management

Seamless Deliveries & Asset Precision

At Winroy, we simplify the process of receiving and managing deliveries at our warehousing facilities in Cork and Dublin, ensuring accurate asset tracking with complete transparency.

Logging Deliveries

  • Detailed Records: We carefully document each incoming delivery, noting item details, quantity, and delivery dates.
  • Image Documentation: We take clear photos of every received item for easy reference.

Asset Tracker in Google Sheets

  • Instant Access: Access your asset records in real-time through a secure Google Sheets document.
  • Custom Views: Tailor your asset tracker to match your specific requirements and preferences.
  • Search and Filter: Quickly search for items, apply filters, and generate reports directly from your Google Sheets dashboard.

Dedicated Asset Manager

  • Assigned Manager: A dedicated asset manager will be assigned to manage the asset tracker, ensuring its accuracy and efficiency.